YouTube has come under major scrutiny in the last couple of years with inappropriate videos showing up on their popular YouTube Kids apps, from awful parodies to suicide how-to videos. So according to a recent report, they’ve decided to launch a new web version of their YouTube Kids mobile app.

What will be different about the web platform? Not much, from what we can tell.

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YouTube is reporting that they will add clearer categories on both the existing mobile app and new web platform, like “preschool,” “younger,” and “older” so hopefully parents and users will be able to more easily pick which videos might be best suited for their kids. But of course, there’s a catch. YouTube will still not be able to spot all the inappropriate videos that sneak their way onto the app. It’ll be up to users (and their parents) to block and report them for review. Yay us!

So, be sure you’re familiar with the YouTube Kids parental controls, and keep your eye out for this new platform later this week.

Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash