We know first hand that finding cool gifts for teens is no easy task. But in our experience, tech is always a safe choice, especially in 2019 when teens are so in tune with what’s hot on the tech scene.

We’re so pleased to present this holiday tech gift guide on behalf of our sponsor Brilliant who knows a whole lot about teens, because they create fun, inspirational online learning experiences in math, science, and engineering specifically for kids ages 14 and up. Their subscription is such a cool way to give your teen the gift that can help nurture their curiosity, build their confidence and develop problem solving skills that they’ll use throughout their life.

Brilliant offers STEM courses for teens online | sponsor

Here, we’re sharing 10 tech gifts for teens that we think will be a big hit this holiday season because our own teens approved of all of them. Happy shopping!

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Karaoke Microphone

Holiday tech gift guide: Cool gifts for teens - Karaoke microphone

For your budding Billie Eilish, this karaoke microphone features a built-in phone holder that lets them pick their song and display the lyrics so they can belt out Bad Guy at the top of their lungs. They’ll even be able to remix their sound and record their performance.

Bandolier crossbody folio iPhone case

Holiday tech gift guide: Cool gifts for teens - Bandolier

When all they need is their phone, a card, and some cash, our own fave case Bandolier lets them go hands-free (less chance of dropping their phone too, yay). We’re digging the new thicker crossbody strap that our own teens would love.

Nintendo Switch (or Switch Lite)

Holiday tech gift guide: Cool teen gifts - Nintendo Switch lite

Our Nintendo Switch has been a staple gaming device in our home for last couple of years, and it’s our go-to for family travel. All four of Kristen’s kids play it together. It’s a hot holiday gift for sure, and we’ve shared Switch Accessories and Switch Games in the past that might help your shopping. But, if you’ve already got the Switch and want a gaming gift idea, we’re loving the new Nintendo Switch Lite, their new handheld single player device.

BONUS GIFT: The new Pokémon Sword and Shield games are on lots of wish lists and it’s available for Nintendo Switch. Hint hint.


About our sponsor: Brilliant

Brilliant courses in STEM for teens | sponsor

Give the gift of curiosity, confidence, and problem solving with a subscription to Brilliant, where your teens (and you!) will have access to some of the coolest interactive learning experiences in math, science, and engineering. As a subscriber, you get access to content that elevates math and science, and guides your teens to explore the laws that shape our world.

Whether you want to foster a love of STEM in your teens, or you want to help your own self stay mentally sharp, solve fun problems, and stay on top of professional skills, Brilliant is a fantastic investment that your whole family can benefit from.

Special offer for Cool Mom Tech readers: Get 20% off annual subscription through Jan 30th, 2020. Click through to this link, and then sign up for a free account, and you will automatically see the 20% discount applied to your account, for both gift annual subscriptions or annual subscriptions for their own. 


Boba tea AirPods case

Holiday tech gift guide: Cool gifts for teens - Boba Tea AirPods case

Kristen bought this AirPods case (item no longer available) for her daughter’s birthday and it was a huge hit. Surely, there are other boba tea-loving teens who would like this too. This fun Etsy shop has lots of other options, but keep in mind: AirPods are not included. So… if they don’t have them, you might want to make their year with a pair.

Kodak Pocket Projector

Holiday tech gift guide: Cool gifts for teens - Kodak pocket projector

With this tiny, handheld projector, any wall becomes a TV screen. That means movies, TV shows, and yes, even gaming just got a whole lot cooler (and more portable). Hint: add in a subscription to our sponsor Brilliant, so they can fit in a little learning time wherever they are too.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay Hybrid Instant Camera

Cool holiday tech gifts for teens: Instax Hybrid camera

Our teens love their Instax cameras (they’re a sleepaway summer camp staple), but Fujifilm has added a hybrid instant camera to the mix, which also lets teens print photos from their smartphones. Major cool points.

Oculus Quest

Tech gifts for teens: Oculus Quest

Kristen’s son saved up his own money to purchase this all-in-one VR gaming headset, and he’s been playing it consistently ever since. Unlike other virtual reality goggles, the Quest is a standalone device, which means you do not need a hefty gaming computer or laptop to hook it into  for the games. Just make sure you’ve got a little Dramamine around the house if you plan on trying it. The roller coaster ride feels like the real deal.

Charging Cord Bracelet

Holiday Tech Gift Guide: Cool tech gifts for teens - charging cord bracelet

This bracelet looks like a cool leather band that everyone’s stacking on their wrists these days, but it’s actually a charging cable. It’s stylish gift with a little hidden practicality, which we parents definitely love, and they’ll love too – especially if they tend to forget to to bring charging cables with them.

Portable hand warmer + charger

Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Cool teen gifts - rechargeable hand warmer and charger

Baby, it’s cold outside! Ditch the disposable hand warmers and give them a rechargeable one that will also charge their phones. Comes with a charging cable, and available in fun colors so you can get multiple colors for multiple kids because this will be a popular one.

Huge thanks to our sponsor Brilliant for creating such amazing educational for our teens (and us too). We love how their subscription goes beyond skills they might use in school with problem-solving, curiosity, and more.