We’re going into our 10th year of Cool Mom Tech and our 2nd year of our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook group that’s almost at 4500 members! We know, we can’t believe it either. Every year, we share our 10 most visited posts on Cool Mom Tech. From tech tips and tricks to apps parents should know about, here are the posts that resonated the most with you. Here’s to 2020, where we’ve got lots more helpful tech-related content headed your way.

10. What you need to know about YouTube’s pedophile problem

This was a tough, but important post for us to research and share. With so many kids on YouTube, we felt that it was imperative that parents know what their kids might encounter on the app.

9. 4 awesome YouTube alternatives for kids of all ages

No surprise given YouTube’s difficult year that a post offering 4 YouTube alternatives would be so popular.

iPhone trick: How to use multi-keyword search to help you find photos quickly

8. iPhone trick: How to search your photos quickly using multi-keyword search

We were thrilled to discover this trick ourselves, considering we’ve got thousands of photos on our phones (shhh, don’t tell).

7. How can I stop inappropriate follow requests on Instagram?

A few of the parents in our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook group expressed issues with this, so we did some research to help share a fix.

How did these suicide videos get on YouTube Kids? What you need to know

6. Is YouTube Kids really safe? These videos will probably make you say “no.”

We couldn’t believe some of the videos we found on YouTube. These were just a few of some of the extremely scary and inappropriate videos that parents were finding on the kids app.

5. Free Kindle books for World Book Day. Don’t mind if we do! 

We’re all for free books! Clearly so are you.

4. 4 new Amazon Prime benefits, in case you’ve been holding out on a membership.

We’ve been longtime Amazon Prime members, and with the launch of new benefits this year, we just had to share.

What you need to know about the Momo Challenge, parents

3. Chill out, parents. You’ve got bigger problems than the Momo Challenge.

Do you remember that scary Momo Challenge? We offered a different perspective for parents when it came to dealing with this issue.

2. 17 of the riskiest social apps for kids right now that parents should know about

As part of our Ultimate Guide to Digital Parenting, we shared 17 of the riskiest apps for kids. We continue to update this post as new apps surface, so be sure to bookmark this one.

1. How do you change the font on your Instagram bio?

Sometimes it’s the simplest tips that are the most helpful. Our top post of 2019: How to change your font on your Instagram bio.