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As so many families and friends are struggling to stay connected during this Coronavirus quarantine, they’ve turned to technology to help them stay in touch. But with the Together app, your kids can video chat, while play games and reading – with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and any other friends or family who have the app too.

Use the Together app to connect your kids with faraway friends and family | sponsor

The app is free, and easy to use: Simply download from the app store, then register (yourself and your children), and invite whomever you’d like to use the app. Once they’re connected to the app, you can reach out to them via the app to video chat, then play board games, like Memory, Chutes & Ladders, even Chess while they’re on. There’s even a catalog of books that kids can read while they’re video chatting, or you can scan your own favorites into your personal library.

Together app for iPad | Sponsor

Even though this app was originally created for grandparents to spend meaningful time with them, families are now utilizing it for much more. From virtual playdates with school friends, to staying connected to parents who might be working long hours serving their community and country right now, the Together app helps bring friends and families together during a time that they really need it most.

Download the Together app on iOS. Android users, sign up to be notified when the app is ready in the Google Play Store. Get 3 free calls, then purchase a monthly subscription ($6.99/month), which gives users 20 hours of call time a month.