For most of us, our kids will be engaging in some form of online learning this fall. So, we decided to poll our Out-Tech Your Kids Facebook Group members and get their favorite tech tips to help make the whole process a little easier. We hope they help you as much as they’ve been helping Kristen (and soon-to-be Liz in a few weeks).

You can listen right now – it’s only 17 minutes long! – but make sure you’re a subscriber so you never miss an episode. Plus it helps other listeners find us, which we greatly appreciate.

Tech tips from our listeners that make remote learning a lot easier -- for the kids and for parents!

Links from our show 

How to boost your WiFi, since you might have a bunch of people on it at the same time.

The best headphones for kids, plus a tip that it’s important for online learning.

Check parental controls on their email and laptop

5 cool blue light blocking glasses for kids

How to create safe passwords (and a cool app you’ll want to have that helps you remember them)

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