What’s the best Mandalorian accessory, aside from a jet pack? I’m going to go ahead and say these amazing Mandalorian sneakers from Adidas. They’re gorgeous, and come in several different styles, so you (and your kids) can channel whichever Star Wars character is your favorite.

Yes, including Baby Yoda himself, Mando, and even some older friends like these hilarious Chewbacca-esque high-tops.

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Mandalorian x Adidas: Mandalorian sneakers

Mandalorian x Adidas: The Child sneakers

Now, I realize these are expensive for an accessory that’s trendy, but if you’re worried about longevity, know that these sneakers are not costume-y at all. The collection gives a subtle nod to Star Wars, with cool earth tones and spaceship metallics that are more urbane than sci-fi.

And they’re made by Adidas, so you know that comfort and functionality are paramount. Because if you choose to walk the path of the Mandalorian (or hey, just on your treadmill), you’re going to need good footwear.

Find the new Mandalorian x Adidas footwear collection at the Adidas website.