Last month I shared my newest obsession: the Supernatural VR fitness app for Oculus. Now, after one month of counting calories and playing Supernatural 4-5 times per week, I stepped on the scale and found out I’d lost 10 pounds. I’m so excited (and, yeah, a little proud). I’m definitely planning to stick with this, so I wanted to share a few ideas why I think it’s working so well.

(But first, if you’re totally confused about what Supernatural even is, please take a second to go read my full review of the app.)

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Our honest review of the Supernatural VR exercise app on Oculus.

The first reason it works is because Supernatural feels more like a game than a workout routine. It’s fun and upbeat. Although you can hear the instructors, you don’t see them. You’re focused on hitting the orbs, not following someone’s aerobics moves.

Second, the virtual reality locations in this game take me away from the clutter and chaos at home. There’s a nearly endless list of to-dos here, especially after a year of quarantining with 6 of us home. Instead of noticing the chipping paint or pile of laundry from the corner of my eye, I’m completely immersed in a new exotic location…for every song in the workout. I cannot emphasize enough how this is such a great mental health break for me to escape my responsibilities at home completely and (almost literally) be somewhere else.

And finally, the workouts are short with a lot of variety. The longest routines are in the 23-minute range. You can choose from a variety of instructors and music styles. You get a different VR location for each song. Even if it’s 9:00 pm before I start, I’ve found I can still find time to squeeze one in. It keeps me interested, and I’m almost always surprised when they tell me I’m ready for my cool down…even though I have sweat dripping down my face.

Granted, I was definitely keeping an eye on my calories this month and switching out salads for fast food, but I found that the combination of eating healthier and working out 4-5 times per week really worked for me. Seriously, 10 lbs in a month! I’m pretty proud of that.