Like a lot of elder millennials, I resisted TikTok for a while. After all, why would I want to watch videos of toddlers spilling drinks when I can just look across my kitchen table? Sorry, Yeet Baby. But the more I delved into it, the more I realized TikTok is absolutely flush with amazing parenting advice — as long as you know which TikTok parenting experts to follow.

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My favorite Tiktok parenting experts: Marcela Collier @highimpactclub

Marcela Collier @highimpactclub

I first realized that Marcela Collier was a goddess among humans when she posted a video of herself handling a tantrum in real-time. Brave mama. She’s a big advocate of gentle parenting, but doesn’t skirt around or act pollyannaish about the hard stuff. In addition to her tantrum guidance, check out her super helpful videos on how to end stalling and fostering smooth transitions from one activity to another. Toddler mom gold!

My favorite Tiktok parenting experts: Aly Pain @alypain

Aly Pain @alypain

Relationship coach Aly Pain is a must-follow for anyone raising teens. She addresses everything from teen spending to sibling rivalry to marijuana use, whoo! One of my personal favorite is this quick video on creating boundaries as a way to prevent resentment, using the example of the ever-present wet towel on the bathroom floor.

My favorite Tiktok parenting experts: Maarte Mami @maartemami

Maarte Mami @maartemami

About a year ago, Maarte’s video about creating a “calming space” for her son (as an alternative to time out or spanking) went viral, and it’s easy to see why. She has a knack for seeing the need behind the behavior — and helping the rest of us figure it out with our own kids. So it makes sense that she became popular during a pandemic when kids needed some extra understanding, but I think her advice is applicable at any time.

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My favorite Tiktok parenting experts: Shug CM @lackofimpulsecontrol 

Shug CM @lackofimpulsecontrol 

If you could use some better vocabulary for talking to your teen about sex, consent, responsibility, and other body basics, this account is essential. Start with this incredibly frank and casual “body talk” conversation with her 14-year-old son. And if it makes you blush, take that as a sign of how much you may need this account in your life.

My favorite Tiktok parenting experts: Destini Ann @destini.ann

Destini Ann @destini.ann

Destini Ann is also a big gentle parenting proponent, but she still keeps it real. And SO funny. This firm but hilarious breakdown of why spanking isn’t okay, even if you yourself were spanked as a kid, had me rolling. I also love her focus on practical tools that help prevent power struggles. Had a hard week behavior-wise? Check out her lovely idea for a household reset based on fostering connection with your kid.

My favorite Tiktok parenting experts: KC Davis @domesticblisters

KC Davis @domesticblisters

So, Domestic Blisters is the account that got me to download TikTok in the first place with her revelatory “mess is morally neutral” message. Her account offers general #strugglecare rather than exclusively parenting content, but it’s all kid-adjacent. It’s mostly about disabusing ourselves of outdated notions about having a perfect house in favor of functionality. Thank you, KC!

Top image: Aaron Weiss via Unplash