As someone who now regularly attends physical therapy, let me be the first to advise you about the importance of ergonomic laptop accessories: So important!

Given how much time we all spend on our computers these days, it really pays in the long-term to have a spine-friendly, neck-friendly, wrist-friendly setup.

But not just for you — these ergonomic laptop accessories are also great for kids starting college, adults working from home without a full home office setup, or really, anyone who wants to protect their posture while they type, scroll, and read.


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5 Ergonomic Laptop Accessories We Love


1. An ergonomic keyboard

5 ergonomic laptop accessories you need for your work and study set-ups: Kensington ergonomic keyboard | Amazon

It may not be the sexiest purchase you’ll make this year, but an ergonomic keyboard, like this Kensington ergonomic keyboard with a built-in wrist rest is a game-changer. And affordable, too. It connects to your existing computer or even laptop via Bluetooth, or WiFi if you don’t have Bluetooth. The split keyboard lets your hands rest in a more comfortable, neutral position than a laptop keyboard allows, to help keep those wrists healthier. You know, for activities that are fun and sexy.


2. A standing desk, or at least a laptop riser

5 ergonomic laptop accessories you need for your work and study set-ups: Standing desk | RLDH

How sleek and stylish is this handcrafted birch standing desk from the RLDH shop on Etsy? It’s so much cheaper than buying a full standing desk and gives you the same ergonomic benefits. And yes, there are loads of benefits beyond just helping with back pain! I love that the design house owner lets you provide your height so that you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

If you need something more portable for working out of home or moving around the house to different locations, consider a collapsible laptop stand like this one that gets fantastic reviews especially for the price.


Ergonomic laptop accessories for work or study: The Curve laptop stand elevates your MacBook to a perfect 6.5 inches above your desk so it's at eye level

If you prefer sitting, it’s best to raise your laptop to eye level using a riser like the beautiful Curve Laptop Stand (above) from the wonderful designers at TwelveSouth. They make accessories just for Apple Products like the MacBook Pro. Curve elevates your screen an ergonomic standard of 6.5 inches off your desk to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders.

Either way, get that laptop at eye level! You’ll thank me later.

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3. An ergonomic wireless mouse

5 ergonomic laptop accessories you need for your work and study set-ups: Pastel wireless mouse | Microsoft

Microsoft’s pastel wireless mouse wants to hold your hand. Gently, and ergonomically. I’m not typically a mouse user, but every time I do use one, I’m reminded how much more comfortable it is on my wrists than hovering my hand over a laptop trackpad while I scroll all day.

If you’re really adventurous but still want an ergonomic laptop accessory, check out a wireless vertical mouse like this one from Anker — there’s a bit more of a learning curve, but it’s even better for your joints.


Ergonomic laptop accessories: Microsofts beautiful new arc mouse is portable and wireless

For on-the-go studying, grab a compact mouse like Microsoft’s new Arc mouse, which comes in 8 stylish colors.


4. An ergonomic wrist pad

5 ergonomic laptop accessories you need for your work and study set-ups: WB wrist pad | Amazon

Whether or not you opt to use a mouse, you can still keep those wrists supported with a cushy wrist pad. For an ergonomic laptop accessory that can make a huge difference for under $20, take a look at this WB wrist pad. It comes in so many fun designs, including marble, geometric patterns and solids of all kinds.

I like that it comes with an ergonomic mousepad/wrist support for when you’re just scrolling, too.

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5. A lap table for your laptop

5 ergonomic laptop accessories you need for your work and study set-ups: Handmade wooden laptop desk | Vailiai Design

Okay, so while it is definitely not PT therapist-approved to work in bed or the couch, I know it happens. So if you are planning to go deskless next time you work or study, at least consider an ergonomic laptop accessory to help you out, like this lap desk from West Elm.. It collapses to save space and you can use it as a riser if you do decide to work at a desk or table top.

Ergonomic laptop accessories: This handmade wooden lap stand helps if you work from bed or the couch

If size isn’t an issue, I love this gorgeous handmade wooden laptop desk from Vailiai Design. It comes in ash, oak, or walnut so take your pick.