Ah yes, Mother’s Day in quarantine, which we think means making it extra special. The mom in your life doesn’t necessarily have to be a techie to appreciate a tech gift. We’re pretty sure all of these would make any mom we know – tech savvy or not – very happy this Mother’s Day. Here, 9 tech gifts we’d love to get ourselves, all of which we think would make celebrating Mother’s Day during a quarantine a little easier.

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Ember smart mug 

We’ve been big fans of Ember since they launched, but this Mother’s Day, they’re doing a collaboration with La Colombe (one of our favorite coffee brands). With your purchase, the mom in your life will always have warm coffee, and you’ll also be supporting women-owned coffee co-ops in Africa and South America.

Mother's Day tech gifts: Ember and La Colombe Gift Set

UV Phone Sanitizer

We know that a UV phone sanitizer doesn’t necessarily read “Mom, you’re the best!” but hey, you’ll save her from having to ask the entire family whether they’ve disinfected their phones. Trust us, that’s quite a treat. And, all proceeds support Global Giving, which is pretty awesome.

Mother's Day tech gifts: UV phone sanitizer

Custom AirPods case

If the mom in your life loves her AirPods like we do, get her a custom case. We love personalized gifts, but in this case (ha, see what we did there), it makes it a whole lot easier for the mom in your life to keep track of her own AirPods, if you’re a multi-AirPods family. (PS: If she doesn’t have AirPods yet, we highly recommend!)

Mother's Day Tech Gifts: Custom AirPods case

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Noise cancelling headphones 

With many of us working from home while our kids are running around, a good pair of noise cancelling headphones would be a very welcome gift. We’re a big fan of these Beats, which are sleek, and easily worn during workouts or walks.

Mother's Day Tech Gifts: Bose noise cancelling headphones


Dyson hair dryer 

Everyone who owns this Dyson hair dryer swears by it, and well, since she hasn’t been to the salon for awhile (and let’s be honest, it could be awhile), this could be the splurge Mother’s Day gift that she’ll really appreciate.

Mother's Day Tech Gift: Dyson hair dryer


We’re the first to admit that we can’t believe that we’d be recommending a bread maker as a Mother’s Day gift in 2020, but here we are, recommending a bread maker. This Cuisinart Bread Maker gets fantastic reviews. If she’s been talking about making bread like everyone else in our Facebook feed, this is the gift for her.

Mother's Day tech gifts: Cuisinart Breadmaker

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Bandolier iPhone case

Liz has been a longtime fan of Bandolier, so much so that she gave me (Kristen) one for Christmas, and since the pandemic started, it’s the only case I use because it’s completely hands free. It makes it a whole lot easier to keep your hands off your phone, while still keeping it nearby. And she’ll still use it long after the quarantine is over.

Mother's Day tech gifts: Bandolier phone case

iPad Pro

All signs point to the new iPad Pro as being the best yet, and combined with the new Magic Keyboard, it’s basically a laptop replacement. Perfect for doing everything from work to binge watching her favorite shows, and pretty much everything in between.

Mother's Day tech gifts: iPad Pro

Self-cleaning Water Bottle

This is no cheap water bottle, but the fact that it cleans itself with UV-C LED is pretty incredible, especially if she’s always the one cleaning the water bottles. Just make sure you get her “Mom” labels so no one touches it.

Mother's Day tech gifts: Self-cleaning water bottle by Larq

Peleton bike

Mother's Day Tech Gifts: Peloton bike

Yep, we’re totally recommending the Peloton as a Mother’s Day gift, even after their awkward Christmas gift commercial that has us all rolling our eyes a bit. Kristen is a total convert, having purchased one right at the start of the pandemic, and she’s been riding a few times a day. The technology is pretty incredible, allowing her to ride with friends and family through video chat, and the community itself is pretty amazing. Get yourself a pair of shoes and you could use it too (after she gets first dibs, of course).