Digging through our archives for some creative Mother’s Day gift ideas, I came across this one that was so excited, I wanted to share it again —  printable papercraft camera frames. As in, picture frames that you print, cut and fold, and when you’re through, they look like cool vintage cameras. Or vintage toys and other fun objects.

While they’re kind of neat on their own, I love that they are designed to display a favorite photo — because we know how delayed moms can be at printing out favorite photos from our phones.

All you need is some card stock, and a good sharp X-Acto blade to assemble. Or, go for one of their pre-cut DIY kits, which are shipped with everything you need. (Just be sure to double check the listing so you know which is which.)

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Printable kit to create a vintage camera photo frame from Sky Goodies

Printable vintage camera photo frame kit from Sky Goodies

Printable vintage birdhouse photo frame kit from Sky Goodies

If the wonderful colors and designs in the shop seem a wee bit different than the generic polka dots and chevrons on a lot of Etsy products, that’s because the Mumbai-based design team at Sky Goodies takes their inspiration from the bright colors of Indian pop art and street art.  And clearly, from vintage tech.

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In addition to the brightly colored photo frames, I really like the printable papercraft vintage TV frame too. Just pop in a favorite photo, and it’s a perfect gift for a mom or grandma who remembers the days when there were five channels, no movies on demand, and we had to get up to turn the channels by hand… and we liked it.

Check out the fabulous printable paper camera frames and more beautiful paper craft from Etsy shop Sky Goodies.