Get organized with lots of lists: Teux DeuxI used to use my Netflix queue to keep the list of movies I’d missed, shows I wanted to watch on DVD, etc., but now I’m not sure where to manage this stuff since we canceled our subscription. Is there a way for me to organize my lists for easy access? -Aleca 

Ahh, a list-making woman after my own heart! Aleca, there are so many great list-making apps out there that will help you not only organize your TV and movie picks, but your grocery lists, calendar items, to dos, and so much more.

Here are a few options to get you started–beyond Google Docs, all selected for their ease of use and ability to sync across platforms and devices, so your lists are always on hand.

Teux Deux (above) by the fabulous design crew at Swiss Miss is a super simple, very intuitive web-based
app with a mobile phone app that syncs syncs to keep all your lists
readily at home, at work, or wherever you are. Simply input your items that need to be completed on any given day and cross
them off as you complete them, or they automatically carry over to the next day. There’s something majorly satisfying about
that cross-off feature, trust me. (iTunes, $2.99)
Make lists with Evernote
is a hugely popular list-making app that also lets you sync your
content across multiple devices and platforms. Our own readers have some amazing tips on how to use Evernote. Going beyond just lists, it lets you attach photos, create to-do lists, even record
voice reminders so that you don’t forget to get that birthday present
for Saturday’s party. (iTunes or for Android on Google Play, free) 
Wunderlist free list-making app
is another free, cross-platform app. Using your Wunderlist account, you can instantly share notes and lists
with friends, email lists to yourself or others, assign deadlines to
your tasks (must get mani/pedi by this Friday!) and assign filters to
different tasks so you can figure out which take priority at a glance. (iTunes or Google Play for Android, free)

Paperless list app
Paperless has an easy
interface with tons of functionality–you can email lists, copy and paste
lists, search for items on all your lists, even put passcode locks on
lists you don’t want people to see. (Could be good for gift shopping. Could also be good for that movie queue…) The lite version is free, but only
lets you input 30 items. If you need more space, go with
the premium version. (iTunes, free for lite / $2.99 for premium) -Jeana

Any list-keeping apps you love that we missed?