Serenity now! A free meditation app offers help for busy modern parents and their kids.

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Life can be crazy for me as a working mom of multiple kids. And even though it’s good-crazy, sometimes I really want just a few moments away from the clutter in the living room and the constant pinging of my iPhone to just get a bit of calm back into me. But I never would have expected my phone would actually disconnect me from all the insanity, until I found the free meditation app for iPhone, Stop, Breathe, and Think.

At the beginning of each meditation session (which you don’t have to trek across town or pay a load of cash for), the app asks you to take ten seconds to just close your eyes and think about how you’re feeling at the moment. This is so good for me to do, to just think and be, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

When you’ve finished, you take a short survey on how you’re doing—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Based on your results, the app will recommend some easy 10-minute meditations for you to do . In fact, the whole process is so simple that anyone in your family could do it, though you would have to fill out the survey for any pre-readers in the house.

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Stop Breathe Think app meditation | Cool Mom Tech

Listen to the meditation on Compassion for a great example. You’ll love the calming voice and the reminder to just remember that life can be really, really hard for some people. Go easy. Have a little grace. These are good words for a lot of us to hear.

Download the Stop, Breathe, Think app for iOS devices for free at the iTunes store.


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  • Reply February 2, 2014


    I just downloaded and did my first meditation. This is EXACTLY what I needed to just have a moment. I hate to admit but I usually fail when I tried to meditate because it’s boring but the gamification makes it more appealing.

  • Reply February 2, 2014


    so…. this app isn’t deaf friendly for parents who cannot hear and are also parents? captioned? visual texts? etc?

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