We’ve been talking about the easy-to-use, tasteful, and freeĀ Red Stamp app for a few years, though today it’s worth a reminder, so that you can be sure to sendĀ your mom, grandma, or favorite mom-like person a beautiful and heartfelt message for Mother’s Day.

In fact, you can send every mom and grandmother you know anĀ ecard made just for them because the Red Stamp app for iOS and Android makes it so quick and simpleĀ to email, text, or even post your cards on social media for the world to see.

With options for adding one or more photos, as well as tailoring the text so that says exactly the right words, it’s really fun personalizing these messages in a way I just can’t do with a store-bought card.


Red Stamp's free app for iOS and Android: Mother's Day ecards for Grandmothers too

The free Red Stamp app for iOS and Android makes it so easy to personalize and send an e-card for Mother's Day

With more thanĀ 100 free ecard designs in the Mother’s Day section alone, it’s way more than you’ll find in the pawed-over card rack in the drugstore today. Plus the designs are so top-notch, the hardest part about using this app is picking a card from all the options.

And, in the future, should you want to turn your creation into a paper card,Ā you can purchase it from Red Stamp. They’ll even mail it for you for a small fee.

Is this the card store of the future? Well, considering I’m already checking out their Father’s Day cards, I think it may be.

Download the free Red Stamp app for iOS and Android and send an ecard in time for Mother’s Day. Paper cards can also be purchased, and mailed, through the app. Additional card collections can also be purchased inside the app.

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