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How one tiny device is keeping families a whole lot safer on the road | Sponsored Message

This is a sponsored message from Bouncie With parents — and teens — spending so much time on the road, road safety is always a top concern. for families. That’s why you need to check out Bouncie, a smart little device that easily plugs into your car (no tools required!) and sends helpful data right to your smartphone to help keep you safe. Just download the free app for iOS or Android, then plug the device into your car’s Onboard Diagnostics Port (or ODP, and every car has one). That’s it! You’ll get insightful vehicle diagnostics, like updates about...

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Web Coolness: Big Apple news, no more Wii U?, and how to save your phone’s battery life

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too.   Everything you need to know about all the new Apple gadgets coming soon. Do you close apps to save your phone’s battery life? You might want to stop that right now. This new drowsy driving warning system could save a lot of lives. This is hilarious: Funny baby milestones every parent needs to have in photos Is Nintendo getting rid of the Wii U? The web version of Instagram just got a whole lot better.   How cool is this...

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Waze Planned Drives: Big news for anyone who spends any time in the car at all, ever.

If you haven’t yet heard about the brand new feature from the Waze app called  Waze Planned Drives, then you might be as excited as I am. Especially if, like me, if you’re the kind of person who had kids, then went from being always early, to the one who’s always late. Especially when trying to navigate to a new playdate location or out-of-town soccer field. We have lauded the benefits of Waze in the past and while there’s always some debate about how it measures up to Google Maps, I have really come to rely on it for the most...

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Web Coolness: Apple’s Back to School deal, educational YouTube channels for kids, and what’s your Facebook unfriending policy?

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   We’re curious about this safety device you wear on your wrist. What do you think? If you’re in the market for a new computer, don’t miss Apple’s back to school deal. It’s pretty good this year. Welcome to the cool dad club, Mark Zuckerberg! 6 of the best educational YouTube channels for big kids.   Mmmm, donuts. For your smart phone, that is. Love this case! A powerful new video from AT&T is a heavy reminder...

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4 of the best free apps to help keep you safe on the road during summer road trips

With an estimated 37 million Americans hitting the road on the Memorial Day holiday alone, it’s going to be the biggest travel weekend in a decade. Clearly, after enduring a long, miserable winter, folks are super hyped for the (unofficial) start summer. Instagram, get ready!  And then, there’s the whole rest of the summer, during which we hope you’re taking at least a little time off to get away with your family. Of course we want you to reach your beach, BBQ or buddy’s backyard in one piece, so I’ve put together 4 useful apps for safer road trips this weekend and beyond that...

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Web Coolness: Minecraft Easter eggs, Periscope, and big Facebook changes. Again.

Here are a few tech links we’ve enjoyed this week. We hope you like them too!    Easter is just over a week away. Who’s making these Minecraft Easter eggs? We love all the new iPhone 6 ads featuring actual user photos, but these parody Apple ads are cracking us up. So clever. Here’s a helpful round-up of all the new Facebook changes coming our way soon. First Meerkat, now Periscope. Here’s the buzz about these new livestreaming apps and why you should know about them. Helpful tips for managing kids’ screen time that actually work. Just for fun: A...

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#X – a simple way to prevent teen texting and driving

We’ve talked a lot about solutions to the texting and driving issue, from apps to hands-free devices you install in your car. And now ATT is doing more on the third anniversary of their popular It Can Wait campaign, by asking for more lifetime pledges, and promoting their new #X social hashtag. The idea of the hashtag is that teens (or anyone for that matter) text or tweet a message ending with #X as an indicator that they are now driving and not accepting texts. They’ve even launched a PSA with Demi Lovato about it. Now, I still think that an app that actually blocks texts...

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Automatic Driving Assistant: The Jetson’s era car accessory that can keep you safer and smarter on the road.

With the amount of time I spend in my car driving kids to their various activities, a driving assistant sounds awfully nice. While technology hasn’t yet come up with a virtual driver to take over carpooling responsibilities, a system like the Automatic Driving Assistant can be a great way to keep track of your car’s health and your own driving habits for all the time you’re in your car, and even help you out should there be an accident. Automatic Link is small accessory that you plug into your car’s data port (every car has one, don’t worry) to instantly transmit information about car health...

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Stopping texting and driving with a simple pledge: “It can wait.”

Those AT&T commercials that feature kids who have suffered from car accidents as a result of texting while driving literally bring me to tears. I know I’m not alone. To think that one single split second or word in this case can change everything is just too much for any parent to bear. We’re totally committed to safe driving, and want to help spread the word about a new campaign from AT&T called It Can Wait, launching today. Raising awareness about an epidemic that injures or kills more than 100,000 people a year is definitely worth talking about regardless of...

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