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How to make sure you have the right power adapter for your Mac laptop

I’m still making good use out of my trusty, late 2013 MacBook Pro, but what I’m not making good use out of is the original power adapter and cord. It frayed (as with so many Apple cords over the years, sigh) and I immediately replaced it. Only — surprise! — the Amazon seller I bought it from wasn’t honest about compatibility, forcing me to buy a Magsafe to Magsafe 2 converter tip.  Gah. Related: Everything you need to know about the new MacBook Pro The Apple power adapter styles change so often, here’s the best thing to do to find the...

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The quick and dirty on the new MacBook Pro

Today at the Apple Event, the new MacBook Pro was revealed, and let’s just say we are all trying to find ways to rationalize an upgrade. If you’re wondering whether you might want to trade in your older model for this new laptop, here’s a quick rundown of the new features we’re most excited about. Now, it’s been four years since the MacBook Pro got a makeover, so it’s not surprise that this new version is thinner and lighter, with 130% faster graphics. You’ll also notice that the screen is brighter, the speakers are louder, and the trackpad is bigger. Two times...

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Web Coolness: Geeky Father’s Day cards, game developer Barbie, and the best food podcasts for families

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too!   These funny Father’s Day cards, like this one from Wit and Whistle, are cracking us up. Here’s what to do if you spill liquids on your MacBook. Don’t panic! How Siri is changing parenting. If you use Facebook photo sync, you’ll want to back-up your photos stat. Here’s the scoop on Facebook’s suicide prevention tool.   A game developer Barbie! (Here’s hoping she comes in more diverse options soon). A high-tech baby monitor that might just be the biggest thing to happen...

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A smart little MacBook cable organizer for those of us familiar with the term, cord spaghetti.

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m one of those people whose cord always somehow slips off my laptop adapter in my bag, making me that person next to you in the airport lounge or the business meeting, pulling out the big, embarrassing handful of cord spaghetti, and trying to untangle it without one iota of grace. So these MacBook power adapter cable managers? Let’s just say they are calling my name. Related: The cord accessories with the best names that could finally get you organized. The premise is simple: PowerPlay is a handmade leather accessory attaches with elastic, to keep the charging cable wound neatly...

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SelfControl app: For those of us who need a major work distraction intervention

As someone who works on the computer all day, I’ve got my various methods for keeping distractions at bay, aka “How not to check Facebook every four minutes to see who liked the photo of my daughter’s artwork.” But if you’re like me, then you know that sometimes just closing the tabs and logging out of your email is not enough. Which is why you might want to check out SelfControl. This free Mac application (sorry PC users) is a no-joke way to ensure you stay focused because it allows you to block access to distracting websites, your mail...

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Skip Tunes: Give music control over to your computer (but not in a creepy HAL 9000 way)

It’s very #firstworldproblems, true, but it’s a tad annoying to click away from your work and log into a new app in order to see what’s happening with your streaming music. The genius Skip Tunes, makes sure this little inconvenience is no longer an issue. This easy Mac OS X app lets you view and control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio from a neat little menu bar right at the top of your desktop. Or detach it for a pop-window with the track details and artwork that lives off to the side but over your other windows. You can even make it a smaller thumbnail...

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Smarten up your workspace with 2 great new laptop stands for MacBooks

All the typing I do during the day has really built up tension in my arms, and probably other parts too. After studying up on ergonomics, I have some ideas about how to change my workspace, starting with a laptop stand for my MacBook. So this week, I’ve been trying out two new laptop stands from two of our favorite small tech companies see which is best. There’s the Kickflip laptop stand from Bluelounge and the ParcSlope MacBook stand from Twelve South. Here, my thoughts on each, and what you should consider before choosing one. Related: 3 reasons the MacBook Air is perfect for parents Kickflip...

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Tech productivity tip: How to temporarily disable iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook

If you’re like me, you pretty much can’t live without iMessage. And now that you can sync it between your iPhone or iPad and your MacBook, well, it’s like a communication dream come true. Except when you need to turn it off. The buzzes and beeps can be hugely distracting during important calls, and as much as I love it on my computer, it can often be hard to get work done with your iMessages popping up every few seconds. So, I put together these simple tutorials for temporarily disabling iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.   How to disable iMessage on your iPhone or iPad 1. Of...

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Juiceboxx: For your MacBook, not your lunch box

Back in the day — which is, like, basically five years ago — we had to settle for standard-issue grey, black or plain old white when it came down our power cords, accessories and important tech hardware. That was then, and now with things like the soon-to-be-released, snazzy Juiceboxx MacBook charger cases, it’s not just orange that’s the new black. Blue, Red, Magenta, and Teal are also in the mix as well. The shell is not just about style though. While it does give Apple’s regular white, square charger a shot of color, it also protects the actual cord from fraying...

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Kidecals: Type the rainbow

Much to my children’s delight, my new Macbook meant transferring ownership of the old one. As in the embarrassing old Macbook I’ve shared here before, the one with missing letters galore. Seeing as how they have yet to master the art of touch typing, we turned to a set of Kidecal Mac keyboard decals and…problem beautifully solved. Taking a look again at the Keycal Etsy site (because now my kids want to know what other options they have besides purple ombre), I see so many fun new patterns worth checking out like the awesome rainbow keyboard decals or the rainbow arc decals which I know would be...

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