Turns out the Apple One-Year Warranty is way more flexible than you might realize. Or as the store associate told me on a recent visit, “you got Beats headphones that are not working or coming apart in any way? Just bring it in and we’ll give you a new one.”

At a time when there’s a ton of fine print on most tech warranties, what a joy to discover. And in my experience, they really are cool about it, and make it pretty easy.

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I went into the Apple Store before the holidays to finally refurbish my well-worn 2014 laptop for my kids then trade up for myself (unlike Kristen, I’m totally 100% in love with my new MacBook Pro) and while I was there, I figured I’d replace my iPhone case. I love Apple’s silicone iPhone cases, especially the (PRODUCT) RED one, but after 11 months of heavy use it was showing some serious wear.

I asked to purchase a new one — and was promptly informed that because I had bought it within the year, they’d just go ahead and give me a new one.



It doesn’t apply to non-Apple or non-Beats products sold by Apple (sorry Belkin and Speck fans), but if you’ve got a new MacBook Pro power cord that’s fraying, an iPhone case that’s peeling, or an Apple Watch band — made by Apple — that’s coming apart in any way, those are considered manufacturing defects. Just bring it in, then walk out with a new one like I did.


Check Apple.com for the fine print about the Apple One-Year Warranty