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Cubetto: A robot that teaches kids to code, even before they can read. No screens required.

You know how much we love to find a cool, innovative STEM toys for kids at Cool Mom Tech. Well, we think the brand new Cubetto robot by Primo Toys definitely belongs on wish lists this holiday season, especially if you’re shopping for preschoolers. Get this: Your young kids can learn programming with Cubetto before they even learn to read. How cool is that? Cubetto is a boxy wooden robot on wheels with a cute little smile. By using the coding blocks on the control board, kids direct Cubetto’s movements forward, right or left. Of course, these are very basic coding principles, but learning them early will let...

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5 online coding summer camps for kids that turn screen time educational

Even with school out for summer, that doesn’t mean learning has to go on vacation too. If you’ve got a computer-crazy kid who’s interested in the creativity that comes from learning to code, there are so many great resources online. You can always start with  your local youth service programs which may be offering coding camps right in your town. But if you’re looking for something a little more digital, I’ve put together some of the best online coding camps for kids of all ages.   Connected Camps Created by three women with tech backgrounds, Connected Camps offer week-long sessions for themes like Game Design,...

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Code Master teaches online coding skills through a fun offline board game

There seems to be no shortage of websites or online games that will help teach our kids coding so they can be ready to head out into this increasingly technical world. And as much as I love that there are so many online options, sometimes I just don’t want to give my kids more screen time. You too? Then you will also love that the gamemasters at ThinkFun have come out with Code Master, a fun programming logic game that my kids can play offline and still develop those important mental skills that will help them understand coding. Related: 5 fun websites and apps...

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Kano’s free online coding camp: Squeeze some fun learning into the last days of summer

Every summer I vow that we’re going to do enriching activities to keep everyone’s brain sharp, but then my resolve melts faster than ice cream on a hot day once we start enjoying the lazy, unscheduled days of summer. But, I’ve found a great new online summer camp for kids that will help them learn the basics of coding every day for the rest of August and get those gears cranking again. Best of all? This looks really, really fun. Pinky swear. Known as the Kano Summer Camp, this free, three-week daily coding challenge begins August 10th and is made for kids...

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Dot and Dash robots: The best of what coding toys for kids can be

Walking through the crowded, cacophonic aisles of International CES 2015 earlier this year, we were instantly drawn to one booth featuring adorable little robots gliding around the rug, and beeping and booping at our feet. It turned out to be the Dash Robot from Wonder Workshop, which is everything that’s right about tech toys for kids. Considering most coding toys tend to be strong in either the platform or the look of the toy (and generally the former), it’s so refreshing that Wonder Works has approached both as if they’re equally important; the apps are beautiful and intuitive, and the robot is just cute, with...

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Get started at the very beginning with the Kano computer kit

I’m not alone in wanting my kids to learn the basics of coding and am thankful there are so many ways to get them interested in the subject. We’ve covered cool clubs and camps, lots of fun games, as well as apps and websites like ScratchJr and Hopscotch. Heck, there’s even Coding with Elsa and Anna for our Frozen devotees. So, I was very intrigued by a new educational computer kit called Kano which not only gives kids a way to get more familiar with coding, but also gets them started at the very, very beginning. As in, building their own computer. And, considering how successful their recent...

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Ozobot: A smart robot that gets your kids more intelligent too

The concept of intelligent robots taking over the planet used to be something you’d only see in sci-fi movies but I’m starting to wonder whether a robotic takeover may not be so far-off. Okay, maybe not in our immediate future, but highly-programmable smart robots like Ozobot just shows how intelligent one can be. Posing no threat to our daily existence, Ozobot is a really clever, practically cute, very entertaining robot that nearly any kid will love playing with. Smaller than a golf ball, Ozobot (or Ozzie as my kids called him), teaches programming, robotics and gaming strategy all in one. It has an intelligent photo sensor that can...

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Robot Turtles, the most backed board game in Kickstarter history, is ready for play

Back in September, I discovered a cool board game on Kickstarter with a lofty goal: To teach kids as young as four the basics of programming. And now that I have a final copy of Robot Turtles, I can say that you parents of preschoolers are about to have a lot of fun using a game to introduce some pretty complex programming concepts to your kids. Robot Turtles, which is now being produced by cool-game company ThinkFun, is a board game with the basic mission of moving a robot turtle to its matching colored jewel using simple commands that kids can string together...

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Hopscotch app for iPad is a wonderfully fun way to teach kids coding.

I really appreciate the initiatives in recent years to get young kids involved in STEM and tech-centric activities like coding at younger ages. We’ve covered awesome resources like Tynker and Hello Ruby and now I’ve come across another cool coding tool for kids called Hopscotch app for iPad. Geared towards kids 8-12, this app teaches them how to program and code in a visually understandable way. You start off by choosing one of the fun animal characters (I personally like the gorilla) who can essentially be programmed to have a variety of “abilities,” like rotate 180 degrees, travel across the screen, grow, shrink, change pose, or...

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Sphero 2.0 brings a whole new meaning to playing with a ball

Mamas of my generation will immediately recognize the phrase: Mom always said, don’t play ball in the house. Funny how decades after those Brady Bunch days, I am still reminded of that phrase every time I see my kids–yeah. Playing ball in the house. But times have changed and I have a feeling Carol Brady wouldn’t have a problem with the digital generation of kids playing with the Sphero 2.0. Part  ball, part robot, part gaming device and all awesome, the Sphero 2.0 syncs via your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth connection for a wonderfully interactive and tactile experience. It shines brightly...

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