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Solid as a rock.

I’ve been in the mood for a new iPhone case, which is how I discovered these fun geode cases at Society 6. While they’re not real geodes (I know, stating the obvious here), they really do look like the real thing. Such a bright, colorful way to keep your iPhone safe, all summer long, and right now, they’re 20% off plus free shipping. Whoo! Here are just a few of my favorites from the artist TheQuarry. You can also search around the site for other geode cases from other designers. Related: Over 30 of the coolest iPhone cases for every...

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5 awesome llama iPhone cases. Because, llamas.

If you haven’t noticed, llamas are taking over as the cute animal du jour. First it was owls, then foxes, followed by hedgeghogs, and sloths. Though admittedly I’m still a little obsessed with sloths. Thanks, Zootopia. But finally, llamas are getting the attention they deserve. So here, 5 fun llama iPhone cases you need in your life. Related: The cutest sloth smart phone cases and gadget covers  A hipster llama case. Because llamas were people, wouldn’t they totally be hipsters? Duh. I just love a pun, and this Dalai Llama case has to be the best one when it comes to llamas. This neon...

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Emoji smart phone cases. Because they’re already all over your phone anyway.

Oh c’mon, I know that emoji are already all over your phone. Is there anyone that can still resist the siren call? I think not! That’s why I going all-in with one of these emoji smart phone cases. The question is, which one should I get?   I like Kate Spade’s interpretation of emoji, which not surprisingly makes them seem a little more upscale. The Lovestruck emoji iPhone 6 case [Edited: currently out of stock] is my favorite of her collection, but she’s got a few others to choose from. Or, I could buy a couple and change them depending on my...

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Web Coolness: Windows 10 privacy issues, big Netflix news for new parents, and more!

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web from this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!   We’re pretty excited that Society6 now has laptop cases. This one cracks us up! Looks like Facebook is trying to compete with Meerkat and Periscope live streaming apps with their own version that’s got a very special twist. Speaking of Periscope, we’ll be on later after our SPAWNED podcast recording today. You can join us live around 4pm EST! Just download the Periscope app to your phone and follow @CoolMomPicks. We’d love to...

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Society6 leggings: Be still my stylish geeky heart.

If you’ve ever been to Society6, then you know it’s a veritable wormhole of super cool art work from artists from all around the world that they whip into really cool gifts, from fun t-shirts to awesome smart phone cases, many of which we’ve featured here. But now they’ve launched leggings and I’m kind of freaking out, to put it lightly. I admit I’m jumping a bit on the bandwagon with this funky leggings trend I’m seeing all over the place, but hey, considering my spring uniform is generally leggings and a tunic or flowy top, adding some extra...

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Cool artwork for girls who have heroes too.

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough strong heroes for girls in TV and movies for my own daughters to look up to, which is why I love how artist Scott Park has illustrated 80 phenomenal female heroes and put them into in his spectacular Hall of Heroes poster. Talk about a broad list? Wow, I can’t even name them all. We’ve featured lots of very cool artwork for girls, like these strong princess posters and gender-reversed fairy tale prints but I’m loving the diverse group of women in this poster.  It’s got so many of our recent favorites that girls will easily recognize, like Elsa from Frozen, Eva from WALL-E;...

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5 of our favorite tech Pinterest pins

Obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Follow us! Then check out these 5 pins plus lots more of our own tech picks and coolness from around the web.    1. This hilarious iPhone 6 case cracks us up every time, because yeah, we get it. (And it’s not even the holidays yet). 2. A fun Halloween DIY for kids that will keep them safer while they trick or treat. 3. How to use LEGOs to teach math. Great for homeschoolers or any parent, really. 4. Such a fun new Halloween app for kids that they can play any time...

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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins

It’s Friday again which means we’re sharing our favorite tech pins from our fabulous Pinterest boards. Follow us so you don’t miss any of our daily picks, plus lots of tech coolness from around the web.   1. Such a clever way to carry your data. 2. If you thought Siri was just for entertaining your kid, think again. These 10 smart Siri uses are so helpful. 3. Wondering what all those numbers mean on your camera lens? You should check this out. 4. Best iPhone 6 case ever. Especially if you like unicorns. And laughing. 5. Who’s making these sweet, geeky treats for...

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The ABCs of Spiderman

I think as a parent that everything can be turned into a teaching opportunity. For example, one’s iPhone case.    We all know the ABCs are an essential skill for young children to master, and identifying animals are a key early learning activity for toddlers. Plus, all reading materials can be a way to get kids excited about reading, even comic books. So in my opinion, Derek Eads’ Spiderman goes to the Zoo is the ideal iPhone case for any parent to justify having around the house. Even if Kraven isn’t exactly a real animal. I might have opted for Chameleon,...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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