Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough strong heroes for girls in¬†TV¬†and movies for my own daughters¬†to look up to, which is why I love¬†how artist Scott Park¬†has illustrated 80 phenomenal female heroes and put them into¬†in¬†his spectacular¬†Hall of Heroes poster.

Talk about a broad list?¬†Wow, I can’t even name them all.

We’ve featured lots of very cool artwork for girls, like these strong princess posters and¬†gender-reversed fairy tale prints¬†but I’m loving the diverse group of women in this poster. ¬†It’s got so many of our recent favorites that girls will easily recognize, like¬†Elsa from Frozen, Eva from WALL-E; Violet and Elastigirl; and¬†Wyldstyle of LEGO movie fame. Plus there are¬†awesome strong women from our own generation of TV and films we’d love to get our kids watching, like Lt. Uhura from Star Trek,¬†Princess Leia (not¬†depicted in the Jabba bikini), Robocop’s Sarah Connor, four of our favorite butt-kickers from Game of Thrones¬†(go Brienne!) and of course, Wonder Woman.

Grab the print by itself, which starts as low as $18 for a mini version, or make this an extra special holiday gift and have a big one¬†framed for that little world-conquering¬†girl in your own life. Or even one you’ve got on the way.

You can purchase the Hall of Heroes poster¬†featuring 80 heroes for girls at Society6. And if you’re looking for more cool artwork for kids, head over to Cool Mom Picks. We’ve got lots!¬†

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