Have a question about tech? Whether you need recommendations, a source, or just something utterly splurgetastic to dream about, we’re here for you. As these five posts of the past week demonstrate.

1. Got a question about online safety and privacy? Our readers have shared wonderful tips in spades. That’s a comment section to bookmark forever.

2. Your kids will probably at some point try to put frozen waffles in your DVD-ROM drive. These kids laptop recommendations may help you find an alternative for them.

3. If you’ve got a cross-country mother-in-law begging for more than the professionally posed holiday shots once a year, you’ll love our round-up of great video sharing sites.

4. Ironic? These apps for your iPad can actually help you maintain a budget. You know, so you can afford the iPad 2–and a cute cover.

5. If you save enough money with our budgeting app round-up, maybe you’ll have a few cool thousands (or millions) to spend on these vintage Star Wars collectibles. (Or you could just buy your own airplane and try to levitate it with the Force.)

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