When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, I’d love an iPad 2 just as much as a beautiful mom necklace. Okay, maybe even more. But it can be a little tricky pulling off a gadget as a gift. So here are 3 tips to ensure that your techy gift gets as many “wows” as any other Mother’s Day gift.

1. Make it special

I realize that an iPad 2 is pretty special on its own, but if you really want to say “thanks” to that special mom in your life, turn it up a notch and load a couple of her favorite magazines (like Parents Magazine for iPad) on it and include a gift card for the spa. It’s those simple, extra special touches that turn a cool gift into a memorable one.

2. Presentation is everything

Just because she realllllly wants an external hard drive or a Scooba robot vacuum doesn’t mean you just slap that in a box and give it to her. Wrap up the drive and bring it up to her with breakfast in bed. Or put a bow on the vacuum and have it clean the entire house while she’s off getting a pre-scheduled massage. And please, whatever you do, don’t give her a gadget that you need for the house and try to pawn it off as a gift.

Case-Mate DIY Photo iPhone case

3. Don’t forget the kids

If there’s anything we moms love, it’s something from the kids, whether it’s a Skin-it cover or DIY iPhone case (above) with our kids’ picture or a cool photo slide show, edited video, or collage uploaded onto our new gadget. Even if they help you wrap it up and make the card, make sure the kids are part of the gift too; it is Mother’s Day after all.

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