I was definitely intrigued by the Dragon Dictation voice recognition software that we recently featured, so when I heard that they launched an app, you can bet I had to give it a try. And wow, this free app is nothing short of awesome, especially for busy parents.

Just one search with Dragon Go! and I bet you’ll be as smitten with this super smart geo-local search app as I am. Simply load your zip code and then press a button to record your voice telling the app whatever you’re looking for — restaurants, movie times, songs, even the weather. Then Dragon Go! gets to work, yielding you results from a slew of reliable sources that you’d probably head to first — like Google, Yelp!, Fandango, and more. You can easily swipe to the results, click over to the site, and you’re off.

My first search “Chinese Restaurants” (hey, I was hungry!) came up instantly, even with my kids screaming in the background, giving me instant results from Yelp! and Open Table, amongst others. And my request for “Directions to the Zoo” took me right to Google Maps.

The best part — no typing whatsoever. Just talk — Dragon Go! does the rest. -Kristen

Download the free voice activated Dragon Go! search app at iTunes.com