Have you ever noticed how… absorbent the web can be? You just open Twitter or Pinterest for a few seconds, and suddenly information and interesting things are just gushing everywhere. Before you have one of those not-so-fresh, overloaded days, check out our picks from last week that will help you absorb only the coolest things.

1. We’re adding this pick to our Hall of Fame, right next to the zombie chocolate rabbit and the Breast Milk Baby Doll. Behold, ladies: the tampon flash drive.

2. We found a way to text for free. No, really. And it’s legal, too!

3. If you hate being on hold, you’ll love this clever app that does it for you. Just think– no more Muzak!

4. This reader-suggested app is everything the internet should be: kids discovering, artists creating, parents just as interested as the kids.

5. Turn your iPhone into a real camera, tripod and all, with this snazzy hardback iPhone case and its package of photographic bells and whistles.