Some of my earliest childhood memories were scoring the goal as the only girl on my soccer team, learning to bunt on the Cardinals, and my flying Kareem Abdul Jabbar hook shot. I want my children to build memories playing their own sports–but not at the risk of my sanity, I must admit. With three children on three different sports teams, not including multiple sports per season, you can imagine I have a lot of coordination to do. So I’ll take all the help I can get.

Thankfully, I have found the mother of all sports team apps. TeamSnap is a great place to store team information on your iPhone so it’s right at your fingertips, plus it gives you the ability to connect with the other team members. Start by creating a team home page, upload the roster, track stats and payments and more. It all syncs with your calendar too.The best part though is being able to communicate with all the other players (or their parents) right from the app with one click, so you can ask about snack duty, track down carpool help, and even learn about last-minute rain outs.

I really like that TeamSnap also works with sports gatherings. So if your kid plays a more nontraditional sport, and just wants to meet his friends at the skate park, you can set up a “team” for that, too.

How wonderful for a mom of many to be able to access multiple teams with ease, and stay in the know. Or at least pretend to be. Who wants a juice box? –Eva

TeamSnap app
is a free download from the app store or get TeamSnap for Android. The service itself ranges from an ad-supported free plan with basic options, or upgrade to premium services for the entire team. Right now there’s a
free 21-day trial available.