You Rule Chore Chart AppI’ve tried my fair share of chore charts both low tech and high tech, and I’ve yet to find something that doesn’t involve me always having to remind them to get their jobs done! Well, since trying out this fabulous new app, my kids are the ones asking me to do their chores.

Meet You Rule,
a chore app that turns doing household duties into a friendly
competition. Working together with my kids, I helped them pick their
alter egos from a slew of cool super hero style characters. Then I picked
chores, most from their existing list but a few custom ones I created
myself and assigned values (easy, medium, or hard) with each earning a
different number of coins. As the kids complete their chores, I check it
off in the app.

Your kid’s character earns super powers for completion, then
moves closer to the finish line to earn their wish list items. If I
forget (which yes I do), I just scroll down to the day before. Simple!

And guess what? It works.

My two older kids are so determined to win
that they’re asking me what needs to be done during the day and not the
other way around.

The app is definitely on the higher-priced end, but for good reason. Not
only are the graphics ridiculously cool, the app is amazingly intuitive
and super easy to use. And given the number of chores my kids have done
and the consistency with which I’ve kept up with keeping track, I’d say
it was money well spent. -Kristen

You can purchase the You Rule app for the iPhone or iPad at