Last year we discovered the fabulous handmade iPad and laptop sleeves from Mujjo, a neat little Dutch company, and I have to say, I’ve had them on the brain every since. Something about the combo of natural wool felt and leather is just so visually rich. So I’m happy to see they’ve expanded the line to cover even more gadgets, and with even more styles.

The totally handcrafted, sustainably made Mujjo iPad Sleeve and laptop sleeve are both now available with white leather to accent the grey wool felt, and wow, it’s stunning. A tad less masculine than the tanned leather but still gender-neutral and sleek.

The horizontal strap offers just enough closure without you having to fuss to open it and there’s actually a slim second pocket in the front–almost like a file folder. This to me is the clincher, because I always get nervous tossing a charger or headphones in the case right with my tablet. It’s also nice that wool felt is naturally water repellent, though I wouldn’t exactly walk around in the rain with it.

Mujjo Samsung Galaxy phone sleeve | Cool Mom Tech

Look around the shop for more great Dutch design for your tech: there’s an iPad mini sleeve, plus well-designed smartphone sleeves to fit the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the Galaxy S3/S4 (thanks for the Android love, Mujjo!) along with a few credit cards or cash in an outer pocket.

They really feel sophisticated but not corporate; a little indie but not in a goofy way. I like that in a gadget case. –Liz

Shop Mujjo for gorgeous handcrafted cases for tablets, laptops, smart phones and more.  Use code #ilovemujjo at checkout for a 10% discount. Note the little toggle switch at top right to turn the price from Euros into USD. Standard shipping from Europe is extremely reasonable.