Don’t worry about your e-reader, smartphone, or tablet: The narwhal will keep it safe. Or Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or a very fuzzy but territorial shark.

The gadget cozies from Life Geekery on Etsy are made by a husband and wife team in Hawaii to further the wife’s goal of one day working with sharks. (Which is super cool in itself–no wonder they make such great stuff.) Each one is handmade from 100% eco-felt, except for the Chewbacca phone case which is made with furry felt to simulate your favorite Wookiee. And you can get one for any model of e-reader, tablet, or smartphone. Sweet!

Make absolutely sure you select the right gadget–e-reader, phone, or iPad–and then use the drop-down menu to indicate which model you have to ensure a good fit. And be sure you pick the very perfect critter for your needs, should it be one of the Doctors, R2D2, Frodo, Bilbo, or an Ewok.

I don’t know if I could personally trust my gadgets with an Ewok, but otherwise, you should be in good hands.-Delilah

Find geeky gadget cases at Life Geekery on Etsy.

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