As much as I’d love to take a trip to Europe with my kids and let them ride bikes through Holland to see the windmills and tulips, it’s just not in the budget this year. But I can still let them learn about Dutch culture through the beautifully illustrated  ebook app, Little Lamb in Amsterdam by Josh and Donna Wilson, the couple behind another favorite of ours, A to Sea.

In this storybook, the little lamb asks her mom if she can ride her bike to Amsterdam. On the way, she sees all the iconic Dutch imagery you can think of–wooden shoes, windmills, people wearing orange and celebrating Queen’s Day (now called King’s Day, FYI), and of course, tulips.

Each page of the ebook is narrated in English and Dutch and is fully interactive. Touch the bike, and it will drive past. Touch the milk pail, and the boy will slosh it around. These are details our kids adore in an ebook and you know? So do I.

Little Lamb in Amsterdam ebook for kids is beautiful and educational

Little Lamb in Amsterdam ebook teaches kids about the Netherlands

As for me, I’m also a big sucker for apps that teach my kids about other cultures, and I love the history my kids are learning about Holland as they read this fun story. There is a history section with a timeline of Holland’s royal family and major events. Also, each page has a fun fact about Amsterdam’s culture or history that pops up at the bottom of the screen if you touch it there.

Little Lamb in Amsterdam app: Educational and beautiful

Little Lamb in Amsterdam storybook app teaches Dutch history too.

Little Lamb in Amsterdam app: A gorgeous way to get  kids excited about European history

Kids will learn that Amsterdam is named for a dam over the Amstel river, for example. I learned that the tulips Holland is so famous for originally came from Turkey. So now, when I do save up for my trip, I can sound like an experienced tour guide along the way. Or, knowing my kids, they will.

Download Little Lamb in Amsterdam  at iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play for $4.99.