I cannot seem to keep my itchy shopping fingers¬†from clicking onto Hayden-Harnett about once a week, just to see if my favorite local Brooklyn¬†accessory¬†designers have anything new going on that I have to have. Or at least, that I have to¬†add to a holiday wishlist. And indeed, this weekend I stumbled on the new¬†Garland Leather Clutch purse¬†that’s perfect for carrying a little tech on the go in stuyle.

The leather clutch is made of of buttery soft black leather, with a single striking zipper closure that keeps it from being too fussy.

It’s sized perfectly for a mini tablet or Kindle (or perhaps a new¬†iPhone 6 Plus? In a month or seven?) which is a better solution that putting it in your back pocket, then whining that it somehow got belt¬†back there. ¬†Since I often have to carry a tablet¬†along to cocktail events I’m covering, I imagine this coming in super handy. Since the bag is 12 x¬†7.5, I should be able to fit my¬†9.4¬†x¬†6.6-inch iPad Air in there no problem and drop the whole thing into my tote like a tablet sleeve. But then, it does double duty; I could also wear it on its own on nights I’m off the clock, and just toting around my phone and maybe a small spare portable charger.

Hayden-Harnett black leather clutch is the perfect size for a mini tab or ereader

Having owned quite a few of Hayden-Harnett’s bags and wallets, I can tell you the leather holds up beautifully over time. So much so, you could still be flaunting¬†your clutch by the time the iPhone has gotten super big–and then reverted all the way back to extra teeny again. As these tech cycles tends to go.

Find the¬†Garland Leather Tech Clutch purse¬†online at Hayden-Harnett. There’s also a camo and a gold (on sale) version. Sign up for their emails and get 15% off your first purchase.¬†


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