If like me, your desk is starting to become a tangle of devices and cords and accessories, you’ll get the genius of the iSkelter SlatePro Personal Tech Desk right away. Especially now that it’s on sale.

Handmade in Arizona from premium bamboo with steel legs and a protective acrylic overlay, the desk is built with all the wells and accessories one might need in the modern age.

If iSkelter sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the same small design shop that created the gorgeous Chisel iPhone dock, and the Tech Desk is no less smart in its details. You’ll find round cooling vents for underneath your laptop which also double as wells to drop your power supply and USB cords out of site. There are angled wells for a phone and tablet directed to face you, and a few considerations for those old school desk necessities–a small pen dock and several rows of pegs that function as folder or magazine filing.

I especially like the nice fat circular mug holder for my morning coffee which, if it makes me even 10% likely to knock it over, is a good thing.

I will I say I could probably skip the built-in mousepad since I still rely on my trackpad most of the time. But for those of you who actually care about avoiding carpal tunnel later, you’ll appreciate it. Especially since you can customize it for right-hand or left-hand use.


iSkelter SlatePro personal tech desk with built-in wells for your devices

Handmade personal tech desk with accessories and storage built right in.

Handmade personal tech desk from iSkelter is so thoughtfully designed

iSkelter SlatePro desk with built in wells and accessories for all your devices

Oh how I love seeing all those cords and wires disappear through the docks and right under the desks, instead of me trying to hide them in myriad creative–and often unsuccessful–ways.

The only question I have is, which well does the new iPhone 6 Plus fit in? And if you have one, do you really still need a full size tablet? But I guess, that’s not really a question for furniture makers, is it. They’ll probably base their next desk iteration on your own answers. I like that about iSkelter.

Find the handmade SlatePro Personal Tech Desk on sale starting at $498 down from $648 on iSkelter on Etsy or the iSkelter webshop