As our resident Sonos evangelist – although not the only one around here – I’m always excited when they launch something new, because their product releases tend to come slowly but thoughtfully. And today (as in, right now this very second) it’s the Sonos BOOST which is going to maximize all that streaming music we can’t live without anymore.

(Or, the streaming awfulness that passes for music on a few kids’ radio stations, that, frankly, we can live without. Sigh.)

To rewind a bit, over the past month, the company has eliminated the need for the $49 Sonos BRIDGE with a software update that lets you simply use your existing Wi-Fi network to get your audio network setup. Smart move. Of course the BRIDGE still works (and is a fine option if you’re somewhere not always wired, ahem my parents’ house) and I’m happy using mine in my own home audio setup. However if you are going the Wi-Fi route, as of today you can optimize that setup super easily with the BOOST.


Sonos BOOST lets you connect your speakers via WIFi with better sound, less interference

This $99 component connects directly to your router which, well, boosts your wireless range up to 50%. Even cooler, it’s got three separate antennae designed to knock down interference from other electronics that might be on your Wi-Fi network too. Attention to that sort of detail is one of the things I’ve always loved about Sonos.

Now you do still need the BRIDGE if you want to wirelessly connect your PLAYBAR to the Subwoofer and rear speakers for surround sound. But if you’re not going all Jesse Pinkman with your home theater setup, it’s a smart call for Sonos to offer an option that maximizes Wi-Fi connectivity since so many people are going in that direction.

If you need a new excuse to get with the Sonos program, the BOOST is just one more reason. Well, after the affordable Sonos PLAY:1 speaker which I am still purring over. Dance party, my bedroom, 7 p.m. Be there, kids. I pick the tunes.

The new Sonos BOOST will be available through their website, and at our affiliate Amazon for $99. 

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