So a few months ago, we featured The Power Purse, which sold out so quickly I couldn’t even get my own hands on it. Well, now it’s back and better, with a cooler name and lots more room. And get this: We’re giving two away!

The Power Wallet is pretty brilliant for us busy mamas who might have smart phone battery life issues, or hey, just want to be able to charge your phone on the go without searching for an outlet. It’s got lots of room for your cash, your credit cards, your 4000 receipts (oh wait, just me?), as well as a built-in battery pack which can charge up to 160% for both iPhone or Android (yep, adaptor included). When you need to recharge your battery pack, it’s got a USB to do just that. And don’t discount that handy little strap, which means you can use it as a clutch.


The Power Wallet smart phone charger from Photojojo on

The Power Wallet with a built-in battery pack for your smart phone


The only problem you might have is picking a color, which is a tough call between the adorable black and white polka dots or the saddle, but if that’s your only problem then you’re doing pretty darn well.

You can purchase The Power Wallet at Photojojo.

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