Looking into headphones for kids can be intimidating at first. I mean I know how crappy so many sets made for adults are, so I am always skeptical of dedicated kids’ headphones that I can confidently give my daughter for solo listening. So how thrilled am I  that we have found some high-quality, safe headphones for kids in the KidJamz over-ear headphones from MEElectronics.

It really seems KidJamz has nailed it: fit, durability, comfort, affordability and quality–yeah, I have a long list. And I have to admit I am very surprised at how well KidJamz hits the mark.

These lightweight headphones for kids are made for ages 4-12 which may seem kind of a broad range (and go older than the KidzGear Headphones), but they fit well without adjustment on my 5 year old’s noggin. However my true test comes down to the quality of the music sound. The answer? Really great.  Even when my tech snob husband tried them out with some Kayne, he was super impressed with the sound quality.

If the quality didn’t have me sold, the KidJamz volume limiter does. As a mom, by far my favorite feature on these is a maximum volume capacity built into the headphones, so that no matter how much they try to crank it up, they won’t get that music any louder than 85 decibels(medically-approved safe levels for kids and comparable with phones like Buddyphones) keeping young, developing eardrums safe.

I even tried them myself and I find the volume is still plenty loud, and it’s just awesome to know you don’t have to worry about monitoring levels that when kids are on their own. Plus you don’t have to worry about them breaking so fast. Those flexible headbands are inspired.

My only gripe on these really is the name. Sorry, the Z for S thing in kidz products bugs me. Personal thing. And they also make the product always seem cheap to me. That’s not the case with KidJamz, however.

KidJamz headphones for kids | a great, sound-limiting, safe option
KidJamz headphones for kids: Flexible enough not to break


KidJams  headphones for kids are compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and pretty much any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack which includes most music players and tablets.

With the holidays on this horizon, these are truly a fantastic, affordable gift for kids at $15, since they seem like they’d cost more. But if you want to get them sooner, I wouldn’t blame you’ I’d sure be thankful to have them on long Thanksgiving road trips when the kids just need a little game-playing time or movie watching to pass the time in extra traffic.

Ofc ourse I have 80’s era National Lampoon visions of the kids rocking out to their own tunes in the backseat. But without the Walkman.

Shop KidJamz headphones for kids at MEElectronics and let the kids rock on freely. Also see our reviews on headphones for kids like Buddyphones, KidzGear Wired Headphones, and the very cute Griffin Headphones for kids. No Z there.