Preschoolers can’t seem to get enough of Peppa Pig, one of the coolest new cartoons to hit the tube in the last ten years. Probably because Peppa Pig likes a lot of the same things your own kids do, from dressing up and playing games, to exploring outdoors and jumping around in muddy puddles. So of course Peppa Pig’s two new, free apps for kids — Peppa’s Paintbox and Peppa’s Activity Maker for both iOS and Android — also put an emphasis on good, but sometimes messy, fun.

Free Peppa Pig app: Peppa's Paintbox app

The free Peppa’s Paintbox app helps the tiny Picasso in your house express themselves using painting tools and animated stickers, making it fun and easy to paint or draw a masterpiece on a blank canvas, or opt to color in the ready-illustrated Peppa Pig characters and backgrounds.

Peppa and her brother George even pop up on screen to give young painters a few words of encouragement as they craft their art. Then, the app lets kids show off their finished artwork in an exhibit at Peppa’s school. Of course parents can show it off too, by saving the creations to your device’s camera roll and sharing.

Free Peppa Pig app: Peppa's Activity Maker app

With Peppa’s Activity Maker app  kids can choose from more than 30 step-by-step activities for both rainy days at home and sunny ones outside at the park. If the decision is too tough to make for the under-three set, the random generator can choose an activity for them. The app also includes four activity videos as well as plenty of engaging tap-and-reply animations for kids to get into. All of it tallies up to a good time.

Peppa’s Paintbox app is a free download on iTunes and Google Play.  Peppa’s Activity Maker app is also a free download on iTunes and Google Play. This message was brought to you by Entertainment One Family.