If you’re like me, and you heart Valentine’s Day and all of the red and pink and sweetness that comes with it, you can spread that love everywhere — even to your iPhones. Here are three fun Valentine tech gifts to help you wear your heart on your sleeve and your iOS gadgets. And they’re all super affordable too


Valentine tech gifts: Bando portable heart charger for iPhone
1. So Appy Together iPhone Battery Pack
We’ve featured these cute ban.do backup mobile chargers before, but the heart motif is just begging to be snatched up for Valentine’s Day. Compact and cute, charge up this heart mobile charger with the included Lightning-to-USB cable, and then plug it into your iPhone 5/5S Lightning port when you need some juice. Although it doesn’t pack as much power as any of these heavy-duty portable chargers, the ban.do pack is small enough to toss it in your tote or clutch, and promises to charge your phone up to 80 percent. While being adorable. Gotta heart that. (On sale for $20.99 on sale at ModCloth)


Valentine tech gifts: Heart Stripe iPhone 6 case
2. Sonix Heart Stripe iPhone 6 case
I like the pop of bright gold on this crisp black-and-white heart iPhone case. It’s a refreshing break from the usual red go-to when it comes to hearts. The case also has a shock-absorbent rubber core and textured grip at the sides, so you know your precious phone is secure. How do you show an iPhone real love? By not breaking it, I’d say.  ($35 at ShopBop)


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Red Heart Audio Headset Splitter on Amazon
3. Heart Audio Splitter
This neat red heart audio splitter splitter lets you connect two sets of headphones or speakers to a single audio port. So snuggle up to the one you love and plug in together. Maybe you’re swaying as you soak up some Sam Smith, or you’re streaming Crazy Stupid Love on your iPad. Now you can do it side-by-side, while cooing. Or snoring. We’re parents, after all. ($11.79 at Amazon)

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