Should there be someone out there who needs a St. Patrick’s Day wish from you,  I’d say a call is generally better than a text. But a cute ecard is somewhere in the middle, striking the perfect balance between thoughtful and I’m kind of busy because there’s going to be like 37 people in line buying beer at the store later. So I looked around for some cute St. Patrick’s Day ecards, and after seeing lots of oddly creepy leprechaun illustrations and the goofy clover clip art, I visited our friends at Red Stamp. Which is where I should have gone in the first place, because they always have a great selection of nicely designed ecards.

It takes no more than a few minutes to pop over to the website or open their ecard app, pick one of their super cute St Patrick’s Day card templates, upload a photo from your choice of so many social media sites that I’m not sure I’ve even heard of them all, play around with the customization a bit (because it’s fun) and send.

Cute free St Patrick's Day ecards from Red Stamp

Hey, if you send it to the right person with the right message, you might even get lucky tonight. No four-leaf clovers necessary. Just saying.

Visit Red Stamp for more than 30 fun free digital St Patrick’s Day ecards, most of which you can customize with your own photo. Or download the free Red Stamp card app for iOS or Android.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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