Hey Cool Mom Tech! Do y’all know of an Instagram app for iPad that allows you to add text or make a collage? -Delilah, via Twitter 


Hey Delilah! The short answer to your question is: Indeed we do. And we totally get it, too. Sometimes you just want to fiddle around with your Instagram pics and add text on a larger space than your iPhone can offer. So here are three great Instagram apps for iPads, tablets, and even your phones, that we use for that very thing. These are the apps that will get you really beautifully designed, professional looking text over your Instagram photos. Easy on the comic sans and the rainbow stickers, if you know what we mean.

Phoster app | Instagram apps for iPad for adding text
1) Phoster
We’ve warned you before: This app will gobble up your time if you’re not careful. It’s a fun and easy way to make your own poster using your uploaded Instagram photos (hence the name — photo + poster). Use one of the nearly 200 free templates to customize the color, font, and overall look and feel of your new poster. Then zip it off to friends and fam via Twitter, Facebook, IG or email. (Available on iTunes for $1.99.)

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Canva for iPad | Instagram apps for iPad for adding text

2) Canva for iPad
It’s as easy as drag-and-drop with this design app specifically made for iPads. (You can use it on your computer as well.) Canva is not as detailed and refined as a Photoshop, but it definitely gets the job done nicely with premade typographical templates and a massive library of stock photos, graphics, illustrations, and fonts. It’s easy to quickly create your own cool layouts for photo collages, Facebook covers, posters and more. Just know that you’re better off sticking closely with the existing templates. Adapt them too much and it gets a little trickier; in which case you might want to look at PicMonkey. (Free download on iTunes.)


Over app | Instagram apps for iPad for adding text

3) Over
Have you ever spotted a cool pic on Instagram with some clever text written on it using some even cooler font? Yeah, they probably used Over (also, very top photo). The super easy app lets you add custom-made typography and smart-looking artwork right over your photos. Thus, the name. There are plenty of fonts in a range of styles, and if you use it a whole lot, consider the  in-app bundle purchases for $0.99 each. Sharing you new creation takes seconds — just snap a pic, add your type, send it along. Finito. (Available on iTunes for $1.99 and Google Play for $3.99.)