Let’s be honest, one of the best parts about having a new, snazzy iPhone 6 (or well-kept iPhone 5/5s) is nabbing a fun, funky case for it, right? And trust, we know our way around cool cases. It’s kind of our jam. Which is I was were eager to try out The Scarf iPhone case, which claims to be the world’s thinnest iPhone case, that still offers protection.

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Made by Totallee, The Scarf iPhone case is just 0.33mm thin or .014 inches. As in, thinner than your fingernail. That’s super-fine, folks, especially when you consider how thin an iPhone is to begin with. This makes it a definite draw for the minimalist tech user who’s not down with the bulk and chunk of your average smartphone case and wants something to complement the iPhone’s trademark sleekness.

But just because it’s thin  doesn’t mean the case skimps on protection from scratches, dings and bumps that inevitably happen when your phone meets the inside of your purse or back pocket. And if you do tuck your phone into a pocket or slim handbag compartment, that’s when you’ll really value this.

I suggest you also add a super tough screen protector like Rhino Shield and you’re golden. You’ll practically evil-villain-cackle when your toddler — and her sticky, crumb dusty fingers — tries to take down your newly safeguarded iPhone. Try your very best, little one.

Not that it’s an Otterbox, but it’s definitely a step up from a typical thin plastic case.



The super slim Scarf iPhone case offers protection in only a .014 inch thick case


The Scarf iPhone case offers super protection, keeping it super slim

One thing I really like about The Scarf is the slightly brushed finish. It gives the case a sturdy texture that’s nice to the touch. This is so clutch, since, as anyone with an iPhone 6 can attest, they can be slippery. Even with my fancy photo case, I’m sometimes nervous about my iPhone slipping right out of my hands. But I feel the complete opposite way with The Scarf.

Also keeping with the minimalist theme is the four color options for the slim case; they totally match with the iPhone’s colors. Simple and plain. No logos, no flash, no dazzle. But somehow all of that no still adds up to a big yes from me on this case.

The Scarf iPhone case is available for iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for $19.99. Thanks to them for sending one to CMT for review.

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