I like to think of myself as a pretty relaxed mom so I haven’t really considered all those wearable baby monitors on the market right now. Let’s just say I have been known to let the baby sleep in her wet diaper all night long or staying in my spit-up-stained shirt instead of changing. (Really, if I’m home alone, what’s the point anyway?) So I started by browsing for the classic audio “I hear her or I don’t” baby monitor, once I started shopping, I realized how much things have changed in just a few years since my last child.

There aren’t just audio and video baby monitors anymore, but remarkable wearable baby monitors that have the ability to track movement, positioning, breathing, body temperature, and room temperature, all right on your smartphone no less. So here are three new wearable baby monitors that intrigue us.

What do they each do, and which one may be right for you? Hopefully we can help!

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Mimo Wearable Baby Tracker | One of 3 new werable baby monitors worth looking at

The Mimo Wearable Baby Tracker

The Details: A few years ago we heard about Mimo coming to the market, now we know more about it. Like the fact that you can track your baby’s entire night of sleep including duration, position and skin temperature, with the stats sent to your iOS or Android device. How does it work? The cute little wearable turtle monitor connects to a home base lilypad that live streams audio and collected data. Order as many of the specially designed Mimo onesies as you think you will need — blows outs and laundry frequency considered — because you’ll need them every night you want to use it.

The main downside I see is that the turtle has to fit into the special customized onesie, so as baby grows, you will need to continue “shelling out” for more onesies. Plus, it tracks so much information, does it make you feel more peace of mind? Or will it stress you out more?

Who it’s for: Mimo could be your go-to baby tracker if your child is high-risk or prone to illness, or if you are the type of parent who would ordinarily be prone to standing over the crib with a mirror under the baby’s nose to see if she is breathing 16 times a night.

Price: Starts at $200 at Mimo



MonBaby wearable breathing monitor clips to clothes and sends data to your smartphone

MonBaby Smart Breathing Monitor

The Details: MonBaby is another innovative monitor for the “proactive parent” which is a gentle way of saying, “I need to know every detail about my baby at every moment.” MonBaby focuses on breathing and movements, as well as monitoring body position (on the back or on the stomach), fall detection and proximity removal. Whew. You receive the info on your smartphone just like the Mimo, however MonBay provides you with the option to customize your tracking by choosing only the alerts you want to receive. That may help cut down on the inclination to monitor breathing 24/7 on perfectly healthy babies.

I think a great benefit of MonBaby is that the tracker is like a button which snaps on to any article of clothing, so no need to worry that your baby will grow out of it in a few months. This one purchase should get you through the panicky years of early infancy.

Who it’s for: The very particular parent who wants to be able to track the fine details of baby’s sleep overnight, without being forced into any extra data they aren’t in need of.

Price: $169 at MonBaby

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Sproutling wearable baby monitor and tracker

Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor

The Details: From a pure technological standpoint, the most impressive monitor we have discovered is the Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor (also at very top) which just hit the market and is already waitlisted. What makes this one so special? This ankle strap style monitor not only tracks but learns habits and sleep patterns to predict your baby’s schedule (what!) but also helps you identify her optimal sleeping conditions; room temperature, humidity, sound, and light are all factored in. Very Jetsons, right? The Sproutling even claims to predict when your baby is most likely to wake up — and, get this —  will let you know what kind of mood she’ll be in when she is up.

They call it insights, not data, and there’s definitely a need for that when you’re totally sleep-deprived and trying to figure out what the heck some heart rate stat means at 3 AM.

The Sproutling will also alert you (rather kindly and gently) if your dinner party is getting a little too loud and you’re in danger of waking her; and it will send you an emergency notification if something suddenly seems wrong, like a sudden spike in body temperature or an irregular heart rate. It’s all kind of mind-blowing, right? And yes, it may be a little too much for a lot of people who don’t need a smartphone to tell them kind of mood their baby is in each morning. (Look honey, she’s crying. She must be hungry.) But there’s also something nice about estimating out how much nap time is left, so you can get something done around the house, or post those very important 6 million baby photos on Facebook.

I will say the monitor does look a little bit like a house arrest anklet, but it’s soft, breathable, washable, and it even charges wirelessly. So no, you’re not plugging your newborn into the wall. Plus you get several sizes included, so no need to order another one as your baby grows.

Who it’s for: This one is for those of you many, many parents who may be having a rough patch trying to get your baby to sleep through the night or figuring out her schedule, and for that, we sympathize. We’ve been there. Of course it’s also for those Fitbit parents with disposable income who are just excited about every cool high tech gadget that comes out because wow, the Sproutlet is pretty amazing.

Price: $300 on preorder at Sproutling with a waitlist.