Before your next summer road trip or family barbeque, we have a little gift for your ears: Free kids’ music! Ready to amp up those playlists? Then you have to check out these 10 Cool Mom Picks approved songs from some of our favorite kindie artists. From the electronic-pop sounds of The Pop Ups’ Bug Out, to Grammy-winner Brady Rymer’s upbeat Ice Cream Girl, to the slow and lovely The Bullfrog Opera from The Okee Dokee’s Grammy winning Can You Canoe? (yes, another Grammy winning band), this is a wonderfully eclectic mix of songs to ease you into the less-scheduled, playful days of summer.

Plus you’ll find other favorites of ours like Key Wilde & Mr Clark, Recess Monkey, and the always fantastic Latin sounds of Lucky Diaz who is — hey! — another Grammy winner.

10 free cool kids' music downloads for summer from some of our favorite kindie bands

We’d say some of the song skew a little younger, like Cathy Fink’s beautiful rendition of Froggy Went a-Courtin’, but most should please kids of all ages in the back seat. Even the ones who are asking for starting to ask for Nicky Minaj these days. May this playlist allow your kids just a little more childhood in their summer

Plus, if you consider the savings, this playlist is like having enough money to buy a couple of ice cream cones this summer. We say, do both today.

Listen to and download the Summery Songs 2015 playlist from Soundcloud for lots of free kids’ music. Each song needs to be downloaded separately by using the download link that appears when you scroll over the song title. Free downloads available until July 31, 2015. Thanks to Beth Blenz-Clucas for putting this together!