There are no shortage of activity trackers on the market, with new ones like the Misfit Flash Link being added every day. It’s hard to keep up! But unlike the other wearable tech devices we’ve seen, this one appears to go beyond tracking your steps and sleep like every single other one other there, all for under $20!

We’ve featured the Misfit Shine fitness tracker on Cool Mom Tech before, which is a more serious fitness tracker that tracks almost every single kind of activity in a very stylish way. The Flash however, and now, the Flash Link, functions a little differently in that while it tracks activity and sleep, even tells time (imagine that?), it also has a smart button that might just help make your life easier.

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The Misfit Flash and new Flash Link tracks activity and lets you control your music, camera, and more



Using Bluetooth and the Flash Link iOS app, you can click the Flash like a button and control your music, take a selfie, advance slides on your presentation, even send a message. And better, they’re continually adding more really cool features; the “call yourself” aka Find Your Phone feature that’s coming soon pretty much makes the whole thing worth it right there.

Speaking of which, the Flash Link retails for $19.99, or spend the extra $10 and get the Flash which comes with the wrist band, because if you’re anything like me, keeping track of this little gadget and clip might prove to be challenging.

Either way, I really like the idea of having a little extra helping hand, or um, button, that can free me up from being pretty tethered to my phone but still let me stay connected.

You can purchase the Misfit Flash Link on their website. The Link App is only available for iOS right now. Hopefully Android is coming soon. 

(via Wired)