Recently, I wrote about how totally in love I am with the Dot and Dash Robots from Wonder Workshop. So it makes me extra happy that they have joined us as as our newest Cool Mom Tech sponsor because, well, we all adore them!

(Also, so does every kid who comes over and begs to play with “those cool blue robot things” that have a permanent home in our living room.)

What’s even better is that the free Blockly app (iOS and Android) that pairs with the robots has a new update every single week, meaning it’s constantly packed with tons of new puzzles and playful projects that are actually doable without an engineering degree, thanks to an easy drag-and-drop visual coding platform that’s perfect for kids about 8 and up. Maybe a little younger with your help.


Just for CMT readers:  

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Blockly app from Wonder Workshop teaches easy visual coding to kids

Ideas for coding projects for kids from Wonder Workshop
For those of you who have ever wondered just what a kid would do with a coding app like Blockly and a robot like Dash or Dot, well it’s endless. You can turn him into a Magic 8 ball. Or a robot pet. Or a laser-gun-shooting, trash-collecting martian.

In fact, after browsing around the site and their social media feeds, I’ve put together a bunch of coding projects and fun ideas, all submitted by schools, clubs, and regular kids that I know my own girls will be excited to try. Hope you enjoy them too!


Coding projects for kids: Using LEGO bricks, a rubberband and a crayon, program Dash to color

1. Program Dash to draw using LEGO bricks, rubber bands, and crayons
Artist Dash created by Elizabeth and Isabelle, age 7


Coding projects with kids: Dot and Dash robots navigate a masking tape maze

Coding projects for kids: Set up mazes for Dot and Dash robots to navigate
2. Lay down masking tape or makeshift walls and have your kids navigate mazes
Street maze via the Silicon Valley Robot block party


Coding projects for kids: Dress up Dot + Dash and have them walk a

3. Dress up Dot and Dash, and have them walk the “runway” in a robot fashion show.
Robot dress-up via the Children’s Creativity Museum, SF


Coding projects for kids: Hand them a camera and have them create their own robot show

4. Create short films with robots as stars.
Bo and Nano’s Comedy Minute on YouTube, created by James and Jackson Davis, age 10


Coding projects for kids: Set up challenges like programming Dot and Dash to knock down bowling pins

5. Set up real world obstacle courses and challenges
Bowling pin knock-down created by Heather Elementary, CA


Coding projects for kids: Turn a robot into an alien and program him to pick up the

6.  Turn Dash into a garbage-collecting, laser-shooting martian
Mars world littered with paper clips via Max, age 5



Coding projects for kids: Add LEGOs to Dot and Dash and have jousting wars!

7. Add LEGOs and create a jousting war between two robots
Dash the jouster via @MrsRoffey on the Wonder Workshop Instagram feed.


Coding projects for kids: Set up ramps to turn Dot and Dash's movements into physics lesson

8. Create a ramp and measure how far the robots drift with different inclines, for an engaging physics lessons
Awesome robot ramp via fourth graders at Trinity Elementary in CA


Coding projects for kids: Add a LEGO

9. Turn Dash into a snowplow, and see how fast you can clean up the cottonball “snow.” 
Dash snowplow via Meadow Lane Elementary in NE



Coding project ideas for kids using the Blockly app by Wonder Workshop


Thanks so much to our fantastic sponsor, Wonder Workshop and their robots, Dot and Dash. Be sure to check the Blockly app for new project updates every week!  And find more coding project inspiration and tutorials at the Wonder Workshop Idea Lab, on the Wonder Workshop Instagram feed, or by following #MakeWonder on your favorite social network.

Extra Cool! The first 100 CMT readers to purchase the Dash robot on can save $20 with code BCK2SCHOOL at checkout. Offer expires 8/31/15