I’m a photo hoarder. I have about 6,000 photos on my iPhone that date back years and years, partly due to nostalgia (tell me you don’t tear up when you look at pictures of your kids as newborns?), and partly because I’ve never found an easy and secure enough solution. That is, until I had a chance to try out Bevy, which can hold approximately 400,000 photos safely and securely. Yes, you read that correctly.

Granted, we’ve covered cloud storage in the past, but with the number of photos I have, it either starts getting too pricey with monthly subscriptions, or the technology simply doesn’t work. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Bevy so far, and wow, it’s easy to use. Just plug it in, connect to your WiFi network, and then the app, which is available for both iOS and Android, does the rest for you. You can even set the app to automatically upload photos — making sure your moments are backed-up and preserved, without you even knowing that it’s happening. So handy.

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Bevy smart photo system: Bevy makes it easy to share, store and simplify photos

You can grant access to other family members using a privacy key so that they can share their images as well, take a look at yours, favorite them, and just enjoy the (thousands of) photos they may have not previously seen. The one caveat is that for anyone to have present and future access to the Bevy, they have to physically be on the same network as the device itself (i.e. in your house). So, unfortunately, Grandma Kathy who lives 2,000 miles away won’t have access to the Bevy photos, and won’t be able to contribute her own photos. But, for family members in the same household, or even visitors who hop on the network one time with Bevy, they can access, share and upload photos from anywhere.

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Right now, you can only upload photos, but video storage capabilities are estimated to be ready in a month or so. Having the ability to upload photos and videos for the family to see would be a huge bonus.

And it’s definitely an investment at $299. But you’ll ditch ongoing subscription fees, plus it’s secure and easy for multiple people to collaborate and share. And did I mention that it holds 400,000 pictures? If you’re as prolific with your photo snapping as I am, I’d say it’s worth a hard look.

Bevy is currently available for purchase in blue, black, and purple in a 1 TB ($299) or 2 TB size ($349) on their website. Thanks to Bevy for sending a unit for me to try.