Yes, we know our kids should (and do) brush their teeth without the help of an app every night. But in the spirit of Halloween fun, and you know, the bags and bags of candy headed our way, I’ve found three fun, free toothbrushing apps for the kids that are actually pretty helpful. Whether you’ve got little beginning brushers or are just sick of the nagging, you might want to give these apps a try.

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Free toothbrushing apps for kids: Learn how to brush your teeth, and time yourself, with the Brusheez tooth brushing app.

For your beginner brushers, the Brusheez app is a really helpful tool because it provides them with the visual cues they need to brush more than those four front teeth. The two-minute timer is surrounded by teeth, so as it ticks down you’re working your way around your own mouth to match the monster on the screen. Plus, monsters, which are always a hit with my kids. (Free, iOS)

Free toothbrushing apps for kids: Have a dance party while you brush with the Brush DJ tooth brushing app.

If you want to be sure your kids are brushing for a full 2 minutes, download the Brush DJ app. Your Brush DJ chooses music from your own library and plays it for two minutes. When the song ends, your kids can quit brushing. So, your kids will appreciate something other than a timer (and your nagging voice), and you’ll appreciate the DJ’s sweet British accent. Heh. (Free, iOS or Android).


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Free toothbrushing apps for kids: Save your teeth from rotting with the fun Toothsavers tooth brushing app

The Toothsavers app actually teaches your kids why toothbrushing is so important through fun TocaBoca-like game play. The plot goes like this: An evil witch has cast a spell that makes everyone’s teeth fill with cavities and it’s their job to fight them. It’s a cool way to inspire kids to fight all their own cavities with gusto. Or at least, length and frequency. (Free, iOS and Android)