With so many parents looking for STEM toys for their kids this holiday, it’s worth checking out Wonder Workshop, makers of the awesome Dot and Dash robots that teach kids some fantastic skills and let them get really creative.

You may have seen some of Cool Mom Picks’ favorite coding projects that kids can do with the Dot and Dash robots recently, and your own kids could probably come up with a dozen more.

And now the Wonder Workshop is broadening kids’ options with their launch of the new Launcher accessory pack. It attaches to the Dash robot and actually transforms it into a projectile-launching machine (or you know, a catapult). It comes with three projectives and six stacking targets that attach to LEGO-compatible bricks — should you have any of those around the house — giving kids a truly hands-on physics lesson in how levers work.

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Dot and Dash from Wonder Workshop and the new Launcher catapult accessory is a super fun way to teach kids coding skills.


Here are some fun examples that can help get your own kids’ excited about what they can code their bots to do with the addition of a Wonder Workshop Launcher. From sports launchers to Rube Goldberg style machines, to minidrone interactivity and even a James Bond fan film, check out the possibilities:


To get kids even more excited about coding and STEM, Wonder Workshop is encouraging kids to share their own creative Dot and Dash ideas on their new Wonder Workshop Inventor of the Week website. All kids need to do is have their parents share video of their coding project on the site and each week, a lucky winner will receive a prize pack full of accessories, including the new Launcher.

Such a cool way to support kids’ imagination and creativity, plus get them excited about learning. And then there’s bragging rights, of course.

This has been a sponsored message from our terrific sponsor Wonder Workshop who continue to make what’s already a really cool tech toy for kids even cooler. 

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