The kids have been out of school for a bit and chances are you’ve heard the “bored” word at least once. Or maybe you have a toddler who is ready for a new activity approximately every three-and-a-half minutes. Either way, check out the free Cakewalk app app which is like having a stack of quick ideas on hand to flip through when you need to come up with something to do, stat.

Currently only for iOS (though Android is in the works), Cakewalk lets you tailor the ideas you see based on the ages of your kids, from babies all the way up to elementary-school kids. You can tell it to show you craft ideas or not, and pick indoors or outside depending on the weather. Then, just swipe through the different ideas to find the one that appeals to you.

I like the sheer variety of tips and that they really aren’t too complicated or time-consuming. Try a little indoor kite flying which will have your kids making a small paper kite on a string, followed by running around the living room to make it airborne. Or head outdoors to do some leaf collecting and compare what you’ve found.


Free app for parents: Cakewalk provides quick ideas for things to do by age


For babies, the ideas are just as smart, simple, and fun, like grabbing a bunch of plastic baby spoons in a cup and playing with them, or filling an empty wipes container with fabric scraps and letting them pull them out.

Each idea is accompanied by a nice clean photo and comes with a short explanation of the activity so it’s easy to scroll through without feeling overwhelmed by ideas. Because on a hot summer’s day, I really don’t want to work up a sweat trying to entertain the kids.

Download the free app Cakewalk for iOS, with the Android version coming soon.