When we first heard about Bluetooth-enabled water bottles back in 2015, we were a little skeptical here at Cool Mom Tech. I mean, how hard is it to just drink a glass of water, right? But when HidrateSpark sent me one of their smart water bottles to try, I thought, why not? If nothing else, it’s a nice water bottle.

So, I gave it a try for a solid week and I have to say that surprisingly… I’m sold.

Also, peeing a lot.

– This post has been updated for 2022 – 

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HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle companion app - how it helps keep you hydrated

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Throughout the day, the HidrateSpark PRO water bottle stores data — up to two days worth — regarding how much water you’re drinking, then relays it via Bluetooth to the HidrateSpark Smart Bottle app (iOS or Android). If you’ve gone a while without drinking, the bottle glows to remind you to take a sip and sends slightly guilt-inducing push notifications to your phone. (“Hey, it’s your kidneys here, drink up!”)

You can also manually add any glass of water you drink, if you’re out and not using your bottle, to make sure your data is accurate. And there are a lot of new features that have been added since this original review, including syncing with your smartwatch or other fitness trackers.

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle companion app - how it helps keep you hydrated

The app also can track your location, which means it works as a “find my water bottle” tool if you ever leave it somewhere. A nice feature, considering the bottle isn’t cheap — and considering how often we all tend to lose water bottles. (Or this that just me?)

And don’t worry, you don’t need to recharge the HidrateSpark, thanks to the long-lasting built-in battery, because I’m pretty sure I’d be bad about doing that too. And since I’ve written this review, it now is vacuum insulated to help keep water to temperature, which is a great improvement.  Plus there are tons of colors including a sleek stainless steel, and now both a 17oz and larger 21 oz size.

How the HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle helped keep me hydrated

Now, if you’ve got the self-discipline to drink enough water on your own, you might be rolling your eyes a little. But if you’re like me and tend to grab coffee, tea, or any other beverage over the water your body needs, I have to say that having the accountability of a bottle that reminds me to drink regularly has kept me on top of it in a way that actually benefits my health. So, I’d say it is worth it after all.

You can find the HidrateSpark PRO smart water bottle on Amazon.