These days, you can make as much of a fashion statement with your iPhone as you can with your clothes and accessories. Case in point: these new Liquid Glitter iPhone cases at Casetify, which are a special Valentine’s Day treat for the tech lover in your life.

Let me answer your first question before you even ask it and tell you that these are actually double layer cases, so you’ve got one layer between your iPhone 7 and the liquid glitter. I’m digging the unicorn pastels myself, but they’ve got a few other color choices to pick from.

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Liquid Gold iPhone 7 cases from Casetify

Of course, these are pretty much a welcome mat for your kids grabbing your phone, but since they’re already doing that anyway, why not have a fabulous case on it? And hey, for once maybe they’ll be occupied by what’s on the back, and skip the screen. At least for a few minutes. Maybe.

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