My kids love decorating Easter eggs, but now that they’re hitting their tweens they’re¬†getting a little more creative. That’s why I can’t wait to try these¬†DIY galaxy Easter eggs at Dream a Little Bigger. And, based on the tutorial, they look like they’re not nearly as hard to make as you’d think.

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DIY galaxy Easter eggs at Dream a Little Bigger. Whoa.

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Allison’s step-by-step tutorial makes these space eggs easy enough for anyone to make. And she’s got¬†great tips about the¬†supplies you can¬†buy¬†to make it so much easier, and how to¬†paint splatter like a pro.¬†Which leads me to my next point:¬†I’m going to be making these outside. Because oof, the mess! But totally worth it, because these eggs look incredible.

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